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Getting Started Guide
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There are two parts to Flow Mobile Surveying:


  1. The Dashboard
    For office-based work; e.g. scheduling jobs and printing reports
  2. The Mobile App
    For site-based work; e.g. collecting survey data


To create your first reports, you'll use both the Dashboard and the Mobile App.

Let's run through the process from start to finish:


Top tip: We recommend conducting a dummy survey to understand how everything works!


Step 1 - Register on the Dashboard:

Register your user account using the Dashboard.


Step 2 - Schedule a Job:

Schedule a Job in the Dashboard before going to the site.


Step 3 - Download the Mobile App:

Download the Mobile App onto your phone or tablet device.


Step 4 - Collect data on-site:

Now, it's time to start surveying using the Mobile App.

  1. Create a Report.
  2. Collect survey data on-site (the process will depend on your report template).


Step 5 - Print the Report:

You've collected the survey data; now, you can print the Report.

  1. Resolve any quality control issues
  2. Preview and download reports


Now that you understand how to create a report:

Let's chat about customising your experience and the next steps

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