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What Happens If I Delete Images From The Gallery?
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When you take photos using the Flow Mobile Surveying app, we save photos into a photo gallery on your device called Flow Mobile.


If you delete, move, or rename images from this gallery before they've uploaded, Flow Mobile will not be able to upload the images to your report. 

So you must leave photos in the Flow Mobile photo gallery unless you're sure they've uploaded.


The Flow Mobile gallery (Android device)


The photo upload process:


  1. You take a photo within the Flow Mobile Surveying app.
  2. The image is saved to your local Flow Mobile gallery.
  3. When possible, we upload the image (this may take several hours or days if you're offline).
  4. After upload, the image remains in your local Flow Mobile gallery.


When is it useful to delete images from your gallery?


If you're low on space, you may want to free up space by deleting images from the Flow Mobile gallery.

This gallery will take up more space over time as you complete more surveys and take more photos.

So it'll require some maintenance now and again.


When is it safe to delete images from your gallery?


It's safe to delete images from the Flow Mobile gallery when they've been successfully uploaded.

You can confirm whether images have been uploaded via the Media Uploads page.


  1. Log in to the mobile app.
  2. Tap the Menu Icon 
  3. Tap the Media Uploads option:
  4. Check if any images are Awaiting Upload (if you can see images here, they're awaiting upload)


If Media Uploads is empty, all images have been uploaded, and they should be safe to delete from your local Flow Mobile gallery.


If Media Uploads shows images awaiting upload, do NOT delete those images from the Flow Mobile gallery!

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