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Understanding report layouts
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Layouts determine how a report looks when printed.

A single report template can have multiple Layouts, and you can switch between layouts anytime.


Each Layout can be configured differently, with a unique report title, introduction, caveats, etc.

This flexibility eliminates the need to re-enter data to generate different reports.


Real-world example:


On the Asbestos Survey Template, there are six available Layouts by default:


  • Asbestos Sampling Report
  • Demolition Survey
  • Management Survey
  • Refurbishment Survey
  • Re-inspection Survey
  • Samples for Lab


Let's imagine you carried out an Asbestos Survey and took some samples.


  1. Firstly, you need to send the samples to an external laboratory for testing.
    So, you select the Samples for Lab layout to generate a report for the laboratory showing the sample information.
  2. Then once you've received the sample results, you need to issue the report
    So, you select the Management Survey layout to generate an asbestos management report for your client.


Customising your Layouts:


Sometimes adjustments are needed to suit your styles or requirements.

You may wish to update an existing Layout or create a brand new one.


To request a change to your Layout, please raise a support request with details of the changes you need.

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