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Creating Jobs on the Dashboard
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Before you head out on-site, you should schedule a job within the dashboard.

Note: You can also create draft jobs on the mobile app if you forget to schedule a job

The job contains all of the information about the client, project, and site.


How to create a new job:

1. Log in to the Dashboard.


2. Navigate to the Jobs List.


3. On the jobs list, select Create Job.


4. Enter the job details.


5. Save the job.



Job Details:


The list below describes the purpose of each field


Client The client who has contracted you for work
Project Allows you to group jobs together 
Learn more about projects
Address The site address of the job

Shows the exact location of the address on a map

Learn more about pinpointing addresses

UPRN Unique Property Reference Number
Pipeline Track the status of your jobs
Learn more bout pipelines
Value Useful for bookkeeping
Notes Private notes for surveyors onsite
Learn more about notes
Site Work The date on which site work will take place
Assigned to To access the job via the app the correct surveyor(s) must be assigned
Due Date The date the report is due to be handed over to the client



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